Thursday, January 17, 2013

A taste of Adina's collection

 Here are some of Adina's collectibles!  They are from all over the world.  You can get a "taste" of the collection by seeing the pictures below.

Musicians from inside the above case

Charlie Chaplin

From recent Arizona visit
Small Thimbles, British
Filagree Hanukkiyah and Shabbat Candle holder (flip)
British Thimbles with Animal heads

Bells from many places, weaving from a flea market in Seattle (from the FSU)

Mostly ornate pencil sharpeners!

Fireplace with "fan" she schlepped back from Europe
Part of Limoge collection from many different places
Dried flowers
Marilyn Monroe Collectible Dish and certificate
Metal Art, small European town
Sewing machine collection
Older painting, set in Israel
Old Chair, new seat cover and new paint
Gobelin embroidery
Gobelin Hansel and Gretel (Ami v'Tami)
Adina very much likes Gobelin style