Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nahmani Garden 2006

Our friends the Nahmanis have a great garden. It combines Dalia's cactus and succulent garden with Pinchas' creativity. There is not a lot to say in this post. Just look through the pictures and enjoy. I will include a few things that Pinchas has made that are in the house and not in the garden.

Pinchas' work area in the back. Swing he made for his kids on the left.

Look at the size of the back garden!

Part of Dalia's garden area

I love the shape of this succulent.

Speckled marks on this cactus are unusual

One of my favorites. This picture does not do it service.
Another upright one...

Another small cute one

Small cactus with thorns that really hurt and close up of thorns

Dalia checking and cleaning a plant

Another succulent

The cacti flower from the spring through the summer. First one sees the bud. They, especially in summer, they usually flower at night, when it is a bit cooler. (Their home is in a particularly hot area....with lows only in the 80 in the hottest part of the summer.

We watched this bud grow for over 5 days. It only opened briefly

Another cactus budding and then flowering

Incredible flower close up....and farther back so you can see the cactus it is from

Cactus with buds followed by flowers

This succulent has tiny flowers--there are 3 types, white, pink, and one other that we did not see in bloom.

Pinchas is amazingly creative. He uses metal and sometimes glass to make delightful items. Most of the outside ones are mechanical...they move or deal with motion. This past year, he has done a lot of sculptures that are wind driven. He also is fascinated by old clocks and watches and keys.

Here are some locks mounted on the wall near the entry to their home.

Someof Pinchas' sculptures...a new one is a toothbrush

A sand timer....he can adjust the flow of the sand to make it flow quickly or very slowly

A wind sculpture

1) with Pinchas
2) closeup

Glass wind sculpture

the "world" made out of old rail road metal pieces that hold rails together (spikes? rail fasteners?). He built it from scratch without a model. It spins well.

Metal compass with magnets...pointing north

A wind sculture on top of the "world"

A glass and magnetic mobile/sculpture
The magnets are set up in such a way to keep the mobile moving

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