Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Beautifying" Kiryat Malachi

In the past year Kiryat Malachi streets have become more attractive. At the center of the kikarim (roundabouts), plants, trees and pottery have been installed.

The kikar near the center of town will look fantastic when it is finished. An olive tree has been transplanted to the center of the raised kikar. Workers are still putting bricks and planting around the tree, but it should look lovely when finished.
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Two murals are on adjacent walls near that roundabout.
This one was finished last year

Some of the narrow road dividers are now planted too. The newest "paintings" in town are those on the meter+ tall electric boxes. I enjoy discovering new ones when I walk to different neighborhoods.

Before they were painted, many were covered with graffiti, but I have yet to see a painting one scarred in such a way.

Some, like the elephant, windmill and cat at night, have the name of advertisers on them, which helps cover the costs, a smart planning idea.

Next to the library, a memorial room has been created. This is the electric box outside of it.

Last year through donations from Keren Yedidut, a park was renovated with grass, benches, etc.

Families enjoy sitting there on Shabbat and watch their children play. And on July 16, Festival B'Shekel will be on two stages in this park, entertaining thousands from the area.
I think the youth in town too take pride in this beautification.

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